"My wish, is that no child should ever be sick or in pain"
- Alejandro Herrera


12.5.2004 – 7.21.2014

Miami, Florida

Alejandro Herrera lived a short life but with hope and love we aim to keep his memory alive.

Loving, energetic, charismatic, funny, kind, sweet, thoughtful, gracious, brilliant, creative, hopeful, giving and beautiful.

Those are some words that help describe who this little boy really was.

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This site is handled by Alejandro’s father who has made it his mission to help sick children in the name of Alejandro. Check back often.

Missing you

Open letter to my son Son, it has been over nine years since I last heard your sweet voice[…]

Through the years

Here are some photos of Alejandro though the years. From time to time will upload new photos.

Miami, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Miami, Florida


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Our goal
to spread Alejandro’s Wish through the arts

Alejandro was a beautiful boy who dreamed of growing up and helping others. During the last weeks of his life his dreams and desires were unlike most children his age.


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